Pay a fraction of the cost of a traditional wealth advisor, but get the same value.

A product that pays for itself.

Best Value

$16.96 /month

  • No fees
  • Easy to get rolling
  • Cancel anytime

Check out all of our features

Custom Financial Plan

A plan customized to your needs. Have a mortgage? A car loan? All accounted for.

Automated Transfers

Set it up and forget about it. We'll handle the rest.

Bank-Level Security

256-bit SSL encryption and read-only access of your financial information.

No AUM fees

We offer value for a set price. No hidden pricing models or schemes.

Monitor Net Worth

Watch how tax optimization affects your net worth over time.

Track Financial Goals

Set goals and track your progress over time to make sure you're on track.

Asked Questions

Because we know you knead some answers.

Why is Dough better?

Dough focuses on making you guaranteed money. While other advisors might do their best to beat the market, we know how to beat the tax man. And we'll help you do it every single year. Talk about compounding wealth.

What's important about tax advantages?

Tax advantages are tools that historically have been used by the rich to grow richer. We're democratizing the opportunity for average people to use these same wealth-building tools with the click of a button.

How safe is Dough?

Dough is safe and secure.

We use bank-level security to keep your financial information safe. 256-bit SSL encryption, read-only access, and ongoing security intelligence reviews are what you can expect from us.

How much money can I expect to make with Dough?

Although it varies per individual, Dough is a proven system that will generate consistent tax-free returns. We estimate we can boost net worth by more than $1 million dollars if one uses Dough early enough.

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