About us

Born during the pandemic, we are creating a tool for wealth that we wish we had.

Our mission is to make your life richer.

Too many millenials are passing up tax advantages that will help them build long-term wealth. We are here to help you build a better future. For you and your family.

Happy father giving son a piggyback ride
Son and mom making dough together

Our Story

When I first started to make money, the large amount of financial options available to me confused me. Growing up, I learned how to save and spend less than I earned, but I knew that couldn't be it. The rich had a secret playbook that they were following, and I wanted to follow that path.

Dough is a cumulation of those secrets. It's the product I wish I had earlier, so that I could have saved countless hours researching financial strategies.

Cameron Nuckols

Founder and CEO

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